Thursday, May 23, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick #3 Lemon Candy

I keep trying to be cute in these, but it always turns up semi-weird. Hahaha, like... I keep trying to wink ???? /fail.

I'm quickly falling in love with these glosses. ;u; Like, I thought I loved my Tonymoly Bunny Lip glosses a lot but the Sweet Recipe ones are so wonderful so far. ;u; and soooo cuuuute (bunnies are also cute but look it's a cane!)
Here's without gloss on~
And with! I honestly wasn't expecting such a pink colour from a yellow bar, but it turned out super cute and super subtle, which I looove. ;u;
The problem though, was that this one got stuck and won't roll back in, it still closes but it's a fair way out. ;A; My other one didn't do that though so I may have just dumbed out and broken it? I'm not sure. ;;;
Anyway, after a few hours + eating~
Sorry this picture is so dark, I put the camera too close to my face~ @___@
But the gloss did indeed get darker as the day went on, which was confusing. It also became fairly matte like the other one did~
  • Cuuute
  • Nice colour~
  • cheap ~ around $5 :>
  • Lasts a little while ;uuu;
  • I broke it orz

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