Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick #1 Strawberry Candy

 The other day I was like, man, I'm gonna take cute pictures of me with the products because fuck everything I'm cute... /vain/ So have a picture of my very failed wink.
In other news, aaaaawwhhh, I love the Strawberry Candy one ;u; ~ Apart from the fact that I have to reapply it, it's such a cute colour~ I haven't tried the yellow or orange ones yet because I keep tinting my lips but I'm planning to sometime soon. ;u; ~~~
Here's a picture with bare lips~ (Or maybe I have BB cream on them hahahfgdhjkcx)
Yeah I definitely have BB cream on them. I usually wipe it off before I put stuff on but apparently didn't for the photo. & here's with the stick gloss on~

 So, so, so, so cute. ;u;
It doesn't last a long time, though since it's not a tint I really didn't expect it to. Here is what was left after my two hour tutorial~

 It mostly just got less shiny and more matte. :> It's still cute, nevertheless, and I looove it. ;u; I've worn it quite a few times now~ :>
  • Suuuuuuper cute colour~
  • Only around $5, which is wonderful :>
  • It's a candy stick plz guys plz
  • It's like a lipstick, where you twist it out, so you don't have to deal with goddamn little tiny brushes .__. /pet hate lmfao
  • Doesn't last ages, but is just a lipgloss, so this is kinda not really a dislike ;;;

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