Monday, April 22, 2013

Cats Wink Shiny Skin BB Cream

I wasn't ever  planning on reviewing this but since this is the second container that has exploded on me, I decided it was a good idea.
The first time was when I first received it, the container was exploded in the box, I thought "Oh it must just be because of shipping", told the seller and they sent me a new one. Then this one, that leaked a few times and I thought was okay  was in my makeup bag and I went to take stuff out and put other stuff in and this was  exploded all over my eyeliner and Dear My lipstick. 
It tore around the nozzle. w t f
I  should've realised when it started leaking, but I was like "Oh I must've just had a bunch on my hands  when I closed it". dumb dumb dumb

Not to say this is a bad product, I use it a lot (lol not anymore) but I'm not going to rebuy it because I don't want my good makeup  exploded on all over again. It does give good coverage of redness and such, but I just dnw anymore.
It was just a little leaky.
I ended up chucking my makeup bag. ;~~;

This wasn't really a review, just a BE CAREFUL AND DON'T PUT IT IN  ANYTHING IMPORTANT. :<
Anyway, any good bb creams that people can suggest? :>


  1. That's super disappointing :c :c what is your skin tone and type? i might be able to think of some, tho im still looking for my ~ ~ Perfect BB Cream ~ ~

    1. It really is ;~~~; It was a pretty good BB cream too. :<
      My skin is really, really light (like, I can't find a western foundation that doesn't make my face 10x darker?) and I usually use light beige BB creams and my skin is super dry~ ;A;

      Finding a perfect BB cream is the worst omg

    2. have you gotten matched at mac? that helps with finding bb creams that match! i'm quite pale too but i have cool/pink undertones so that makes it kind of annoying to find bb creams cause a lot are grey/yellow :c but yea i have dry skin too! i have a few on their way to me that i'll post reviews about but yes, temptalia.com has a like foundation matrix?? that shows you matches based on foundations/bb creams that have matched you before!

    3. I actually haven't. ;a; /shot
      The store is too out of the way for me and I don't usually go there. orz
      I'll try out the temptalia thing later. ;u;

  2. That sucks!
    Mind checking out my blog?: thewhitedoe.blogspot.com
    I followed you :)